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Satisfied Clients

James, Service Manager
We are beyond happy with Premier Work Support's performance. It is a rarity to come across a team so upbeat at all times in such demanding roles - myself and my Senior Supervisors are so comfortable in dealing with the team.  In terms of the employees we have been sent, virtually all have made a fantastic impression. The talent the team select are probably the sole reason why Premier Work Support have such a high presence within our team, and is our favoured agency.  I am hoping, and have no doubt, that the professional relationship will continue to develop and ...
Sharon, Service Delivery Manager
The team at Premier Work Support, Heathrow, are very efficient and professional at all times. I feel that I can approach them with any last minute changes and they will be actioned ASAP. The staff provided are very conscientious on the whole and we have developed into a tight team. The team have been my eyes and ears checking off the agents to ensure finish times were consistent - I feel that I can rely on Premier Work Support at all times....
Paul, Senior Chef
Having needed to use temporary staff to cover long term sick leave, I have used various agencies throughout this summer. However, by far the best have been the team at Premier Work Support.They are always able to provide quality staff, at competitive hourly rates with a speedy response to our changing needs.Whenever I need temporary staff in the future my first choice will be Premier Work Support....
Janice, HR Manager
I write to express my thanks to Premier Work Support for the professional a courteous service we received in respect of our recruitment drive.The quality of candidates received was very impressive, quite clearly you listened to our brief and delivered the right people for us to interview, as a result, we were able to fill all of our vacancies through Premier Work Support.It was pleasure to do business with Premier Work Support and we look forward to using their services again in the future....
Michelle, Director
I would like to thank Premier Work Support for their highly professional and personable contributions whilst helping me source the high calibre candidate for a position I was looking to fill.I vowed never to use a recruitment agency, however not only did Premier Work Support make my life easier, but they also made it a painless process. I am extremely happy with Premier Work Support, they have changed my views on using recruitment agencies and I would have no hesitation in recommending their services....
Brian, Operations Manager
Premier Work Support has been a key supplier to our company for over eleven years.During this time, as our recruitment needs have evolved, Premier Work Support has enabled us to offer the highest levels of service to our clients.From pre-selection of quality applicants through to payroll and the day to day management of any staffing issues, Premier Work Support have been able to supply us with high volume numbers and I would have no hesitation in recommending their services....
Lela, Revenue Manager
I have been using Premier Work Support over a number of years and have always been completely satisfied. They do an excellent job, are always punctual, and put through experienced candidates. I am happy to recommend their service....
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